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Mad World

Shawn Yue and Eric Tsang star in this drama about a mentally ill stockbroker struggling to reconcile with his estranged father and his perturbed ex-fiancee.

CastShawn Yue, Eric Tsang, Elaine Jin, Charmaine Fong

DirectorWong Chun

A Chinese Odyssey Part Three

Sequel to the hit fantasy comedy franchise A Chinese Odyssey loosely based on Journey to the West, starring Tiffany Tang as Zixia, who travels back to the past in order to prevent the tragedy brought by the battle and the budding love between the Monkey King and her.

CastGeng Hon, Yan Tang, Karen Mok, Jing Wu, Gillian Chung

DirectorJeffery Lau

Police Story

Considered a Hong Kong classic, Police Story marks Jackie Chan's initial foray into the big-time, stunt-filled action movies that become his trademark. Chan plays a honest, self-effacing cop Chan Ka-Kui assigned to protect Salina, whose key testimony could bring down drug baron Chu. However, the witness manages to get away from Ka-Kui. With no evidence against him, Chu is set free. Chu goes on a vendetta to frame Ka-Kui for a murder. Ka-Kui goes on the run and, with time running out, must quickly find and save Salina from being killed, as well as prove his own innocence. Police Story has been acclaimed for its amazing stunt works. There's plenty of action and physical comedy. The movie shows off Chan's generous comic persona to the fullest. For Jackie Chan fans, this is not only a must-see but also a must-have collectible.

CastJackie Chan, Brigette Lin, Maggie Cheung

DirectorJackie Chan

Book of Love

A casino PR in Macau receives a classic novel “84, Charing Cross Road”. She sends back the novel with a letter to where it came from as she does not like it. A real estate agent in California receives the novel and as it does not belong to him, he sends it back with a letter as well. The two form a relationship after all the letters back and forth.

CastTang Wei, Wu Xiu Bo, Kara Hui, Paul Chun

DirectorXue Xiao Lu

I'm Livin' It

Once a successful banker, Bowen now spends his nights in a 24-hour fast food joint where he meets a group of homeless people. Together they strive to get themselves out of rock bottom.

CastAaron Kwok, Miriam Cheung, Alex Man, Cheung Tat Ming

DirectorDanny Wong Hing Fan

Only Cloud Knows

This romantic drama is based on the story of a real-life couple. It follows a grieving husband as he journeys to places of significance to his beloved dead wife across their New Zealand homeland.

CastHuang Xuan, Yang Cai Yu, Xu Fan

DirectorFeng Xiao Gang

The Foreigner

A London businessman whose teenage daughter dies in a terrorist attack is determined to take revenge. His relentless search for the terrorists leads to a conflict with a British government official whose own past may hold the clues to the identities of the elusive killers.

CastJackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan

DirectorMartin Campbell


The Paws-Men are Tat Yan, Charlie, Seal, and Keith. When a dog is in need of rescue, the Paws-Men assemble to save the dog like Batman. “Paws-Men” tells the story of rescuing dogs, in which Paws-Men encounter many difficulties, such as a dog eatery, bullies and a dog abusing granny. Despite the hardships, Paws-Men gives us a peek into true friendships between dogs and humans, and makes us realise that saving dogs is not hard. It is dealing with people that is the real problem.

CastTats Lau, Isabel Chan, Bob Lam, Lam Yiu Sing

DirectorAu Cheuk Man

All's Well End's Well 2012

This beloved slapstick comedy series continues as it follows four couples who meet through a dating website. Four men go on a heroic mission to help four women and wind up experiencing a series of mishaps.

CastDonnie Yen, Sandra Ng, Louis Koo, Kelly Chen, Raymond Wong

DirectorChan Hing Ka, Janet Chun

MBA Partners

Three women from very different backgrounds decide to come together to start new careers and become business partners. MBA Partners delicately combines friendship, love and drama to create this feel-good movie for contemporary women.

CastYao Chen, Aaron Kwok, Li Chen, Yan Tang

DirectorTaeYou Chang

School Tales

Members of a marching band bond over an annual band camp and decide to tempt fate by "testing" the ghostly legends that surround their school.

CastSedthawut Anusit, Ekawat Ekudchariya

DirectorPass Patthanakumjon


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